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    We are the leading manufacturer of Epoxy repair sleeves and Tees with sole manufacturing rights to the Subsea Grouted Tee. Specialists in Emergency work and always keep our promise to deliver an overall quality service.
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Epoxy Repair Clamps

Epoxy Repair Clamps

Designed to repair small bore pipelines i.e; ½” (12mm) to 4” (100mm). Epoxy Repair clamps are only manufactured with the bolted type and are a different design.

Features & Benefits:

The repair comprises two oversized steel half-shells that are joined to encircle the damaged area, leaving an annular gap. The annulus is sealed at each end of the sleeve using a simply applied fast-setting material, and then filled at very low pressure with a stiff epoxy-based compound.

The epoxy grout compound forms an excellent bond at both steel interfaces, providing both axial and circumferential support. The combination of the steel outer shell and the epoxy grout provides significant bulging restraint, thus removing or significantly reducing the failure mechanism of defects.

Welding is not required, and the process can be performed without product interruption. ESR is probably the most technically validated method, having undergone numerous tests to simulate full pipeline life scenarios in terms of internal pressure loading and fatigue cycles. ESR has been in use on major pipeline networks for more than 16 years.

The two sleeve halves are joined by welding (to normal pipeline welding and welding inspection codes) or bolted flange. Both methods can be used to repair all types of non-leaking defects, including cracks, girth welds, seam welds, dents, gouges, corrosion and manufacturing defects, and bring the pipeline back to full working parameters. Recent developments prove that ESR can also repair internal corrosion and small leaking defects. In most cases, the repaired area is stronger than the adjacent "good" pipe.

Aggressive internal corrosion eventually perforates the pipewall, but if there is an ESR over the defect when this happens, the excellent bond between the steel and the epoxy does not allow migration of the product along the interfaces.

Small pinhole leaks can also be repaired using the ESR. However, there must be no leakage of product during the installation or cure period of the epoxy (24 hours). To ensure this, there is a patented method of stopping the leak while the ESR is installed.

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  • National Grid T/SP/P/22 Upto 690 BAR
ISO 9001:2008 Health and Safety Citation
Welding Qualifications BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004A1
BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004A1